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Welcome to Sociology and Anthropology

I am happy to welcome you to the Department of Sociology and Anthropology’s blog. Our Department is at the center stage of understanding the complex social world. We are committed to building a department that is a hub of excellence and scholarship in Teaching and Research.

We offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses with varied areas of specialisations. In addition to the core areas of research methods and theory, other specialties within the disciplines include Sociology of Work and Occupation, Gender and Development, Political Economy, Communication and the Media, Conflict Management, Criminology, Population Health and Development, Archaeology of Complex Societies, Peoples and Cultures of the African Diaspora and Sex and Culture. These and many other relevant courses prepare our students to identify and understand social problems and provide precise solutions to them through scientific research.

The Department is one of the most vibrant in the Faculty of Social Sciences in terms of student population and outreach. The Department currently has about 1,400 undergraduate students and about 40 graduate students. The Department also runs summer courses with over 250 students.

Our faculty members have collaborations with colleagues in the diaspora and other reputable organisations.

Head of Department

Dr. Augustina Araba Amissah

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